Cinquini & Passarino, Inc. Honored for the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit Top of Rail Survey AECOM Project

Continuing our series on the recent Engineering in Excellence Awards, a Merit Award was given to to Cinquini & Passarino, Inc. for the Sonoma ~ Marin Area Rail Transit, Top of Rail Survey.

Cinquini & Passarino, Inc. was contracted by HDR, Inc. to perform a top of rail survey for the northerly 60 miles of the Sonoma ~ Marin Area Rail Transit corridor. Cinquini & Passarino, Inc. was the first surveyor in the United States to incorporate an Amberg GRP rail measuring instrument with RTK GPS connected to a virtual survey network to survey 60 miles. Performing the field work using conventional survey technology would have taken 90 days. Cinquini & Passarino, Inc. completed the field work in less than 10 days. Using the Amberg GRP, Cinquini & Passarino, Inc. was able to accurately collect the horizontal and vertical position of the existing rail, existing track stationing, existing rail gauge and superelevation as well as the railroad station of roadway, bridge abutments, and culvert crossings needed throughout the rail corridor. Incorporating the unique technology and creative approach to collect the top of rail information from a rolling platform, Cinquini & Passarino, Inc. was able to quickly and accurately collect all of the necessary rail data required by HDR, Inc. The survey was seamlessly incorporated into the project’s existing LiDAR survey.

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