EEA Update: Fugro West, Inc. Honored for the Hueneme Outfall Replacement Project

A Merit Awar d goes to Calleguas Municipal Water District and Fugro West, Inc., for the Hueneme Outfall Replacement Project. Fugro was contracted by the project’s design engineer, Black & Veatch, to provide marine survey, marine geophysical surveys, and geotechnical evaluation and design. Fugro also provided geotechnical and construction materials testing services to Calleguas throughout the construction phase. The Hueneme Outfall project consists of 2,300 feet of horizontal directionally drilled 36-inch OD HDPE pipe that exists in 30 feet of water off of the coast of Port Hueneme, Ventura County.

Project challenges include successfully permitting one of the few new ocean outfalls in California, sequencing operations to minimize drilling fluid escape to the ocean, 24-hour construction in a highly visible recreational area adjacent to a densely populated residential neighborhood, and construction conducted within two separate and very limited seasonal windows due to weather and regulatory restrictions.

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