ACEC California Honor Award Winner: T.Y. Lin International for the Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge

• $27-million • 354-ft long • 34 Individual suspenders attached to the main cable support the 20 ft wide deck from the top of the railing at one edge of the deck only. • Owner: Centre City Development Corp., San Diego • General Contractor: Reyes Construction, National City • Construction Management/Lead Engineer: T.Y. Lin International, National City • Architect: Safdie Rabines Architects, San Diego • Civil Engineer: David Evans and Associates, San Diego Completed in March 2011, the bridge is a graceful single‐cable self‐anchored suspension bridge with a single inclined pylon and a curved deck suspended only along the inside edge. The pylon itself is inclined at a 60o angle and leans over the deck to support the single pair of suspension cables. As one of the longest self‐anchored, suspension bridges in the world, the iconic Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge serves as a southern gateway to downtown San Diego and fulfills the City’s 100‐year vision to link two of its important regional assets: Balboa Park and San Diego Bay.

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