AECOM and Carollo Engineers in Sacramento Earn Engineering Excellence Awards

ACEC California’s annual Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA) competition recognizes outstanding achievements in engineering and land surveying projects completed by California firms. This year, two firms located in Sacramento – AECOM and Carollo Engineers – were named as 2016 recipients of this prestigious award for their work on two critical projects that provided careful and thorough analysis of urban levees in the Central Valley and the restoration of clean drinking water to the City of Delano, California.

AECOM California Department of Water Resources Urban Levee Evaluation Project

AECOM garnered an Honor Award for its work on the California Department of Water Resources Urban Levee Evaluation Project in Central Valley, CA. As part of the project, AECOM completed an innovative evaluation of 415 miles of urban levees, protecting more than 1 million people and more than $64 billion of property in California’s Central Valley. The project included an unprecedented multi-faceted exploration program, development of a comprehensive program technical guidance document for levee evaluation, and preparation of geo-technical evaluation for 19 urban study areas.

DCIM206MEDIADJI_0166.JPGCarollo Engineers, Inc. also garnered an Honor Award for its work on the Delano biottta™ Wellhead Nitrate Treatment Demonstration Project in Delano, CA. In April 2014, the State of California approved a grant-funded project to help provide the City of Delano with safe drinking water. The $5 million grant allowed the City to remove one of California’s most widespread groundwater contaminants: nitrates. Classified in the category of “pharmaceuticals and endocrine disruptors,” nitrates can cause significant health problems when consumed in drinking water. The grant funded a three-year pilot and demonstration project for removal of nitrate from the city’s drinking water. The City of Delano subsequently installed and is operating a biottta™ nitrate treatment system, designed by Carollo Engineers. The biottta™ system is being used on a critical municipal supply well that exceeded the required safety levels for nitrates.

*     *     *

 An EEA awards dinner will be held at the Hard Rock Café in San Diego, on January 28th, 2016, and Honor Award winning projects will have photographic panels on display at the Capitol, outside of the Governor’s office, during National Engineers Week in February 2016.

Because of their selection by ACEC California, Honor Award winners are eligible to enter the ACEC National level Engineering Excellence Awards competition, which will be held this winter.



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