ACEC California Supports Legislation to Advance Design-Build Delivery Method, More Local Control Over Transportation Projects

This last week, ACEC California circulated letters of support for three pieces of legislation that would advance specific policy goals of ACEC California members.

The circulation of support letters is one of the first tools employed by the ACEC California advocacy team to signal the industry’s position. The bills will then be heard in legislative policy committees where ACEC California advocacy team will testify on the merits of the legislation.

Below are summaries of the bills, links to the support letters and links to the bills’ language:

SB 1141 (Sen. Moorlach): State highways: transfer to local agencies: pilot program
SB 1141 would require the Department of Transportation to participate in a pilot program over a 5-year period in which 2 counties – one in Northern California and one in Southern California – may be selected to operate, maintain and make improvements to all state highways, including freeways, in the affected County. ACEC California strongly supports the legislation because it will alleviate state costs while affording counties the flexibility to consolidate and streamline infrastructure, structural, and transportation planning and implementation.

ACEC California Support letter
Bill language

SB 957 (Sen. Hueso): Health care districts: design-build process
SB 957 will authorize any health care district to use the design-build process when contracting for the construction of a hospital or health facility building until January 1, 2025. Authorization to utilize the design-build process for some healthcare districts, ACEC California supports this bill’s appropriate expansion of the design-build-process to ensure all healthcare districts have the opportunity to use the process to accelerate projects, decrease costs, and leverage private equity.

ACEC California support letter
Bill language

AB 2551 (Asm. Gallagher): Contract procurement: surface storage projects
AB 2552 would allow local agencies to use the construction management at-risk, design-build, public-private partnership, or design-build-operate method of delivery on surface water storage projects. The bill would require these contracts to be awarded on a best value basis or to the lowest responsible bidder, and establish a procurement process for these contracts. As California’s drought continues, additional surface water storage is in great demand. The California Water Commission is currently in the position of identifying the most viable surface water storage project to which the Commission will direct voter-approved Proposition 1 bond funds. ACEC California supports the expansion of the design-build delivery method, as it is a cost-effective and necessary tool for this important public works project.

ACEC California support letter
Bill language

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