The State Needs The California WaterFix To Modernize Its Water System

Cal-Water-Fix-LogoToday, two pieces of legislation will be heard in the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee that could set back the state’s efforts to modernize its water system and protect the Delta as an ecosystem. ACEC California opposes any legislation seeking to stop or delay the California WaterFix – the proposal to significantly improve California’s water delivery while also protecting the Delta water supply.

The California WaterFix is the result of nearly 10 years of expert scientific, environmental and engineering study to increase the reliability and security of fresh water supplies, protect against saltwater intrusion, manage water flow through the Bay-Delta, and restore and preserve the Delta ecosystem.

Unfortunately, both AB 2583 (Frazier) and AB 1713 (Eggman) will cause unnecessary delays or even block the progress of the California WaterFix by implementing onerous new requirements or requiring a statewide vote despite the fact that the project has been a decade in the planning and making.

Experts have warned that California’s current water conveyance and distribution system is inadequate to meet the needs of 26 million residents, especially in drought conditions. Further, the current conveyance system primarily consists of dirt levees, leaving it vulnerable to collapse in an earthquake or natural disaster – potentially disrupting water supplies to the Bay Area, Central California and Southern California.

ACEC California is part of a large and robust coalition of business leaders, organized labor, local governments, public safety officials, taxpayer associations and others that strongly support a modern state water system that better manages California’s scarce and precious water resources, and opposes obstacles or roadblocks that will obstruct the California WaterFix from moving forward.

Read the California WaterFix coalition’s letters of opposition here.




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