The American Council of Engineering Companies, California Responds To Governor Jerry Brown’s Budget Revision

Governor Jerry Brown unveiled his May Budget Revision on Friday, May 13th, and urged the Legislature to approach budget spending with caution as the state is experiencing a slow down in tax revenues. However, Governor Brown did focus significant expenditures on strengthening California’s infrastructure. The May Revision reflected the Governor’s transportation package, which dedicates $36 billion over the next decade to transportation infrastructure maintenance, as well as $737 million to address deferred maintenance needs of levies, universities, community colleges, and other state facilities. In addition, a significant portion of cap and trade funds will also continue to be dedicated to the development of the High Speed Rail project.

Encouraged by the Governor’s focus on infrastructure, ACEC California’s President Bruce Presser issued the following statement in response to Governor Brown’s budget revision:

“We are pleased the Governor is focusing investment on California’s infrastructure. Both the state’s transportation and water system are in critical need of basic maintenance such as fixing roads, bridges, and levies; but are also in need of innovative modernization. Our members support the Governor’s vision for the future of California’s water delivery and storage systems, as well as continued investment in the High Speed Rail project. Further, our members will continue to encourage the Legislature to consider a comprehensive transportation investment package to ensure the state’s infrastructure is able to meet modern needs.”

More information about the May revision can be found by clicking here.

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