The Legislature Breaks For Summer – Progress Yet to Be Made On Transportation

o-DRIVERS-TRAFFIC-facebookIt is July 1st and the Legislature is officially out of session until August 1st when the Legislature reconvenes. While the Legislature has taken a number of actions that have garnered significant attention – gun control, new Managed Care Organization tax, and a $176 billion budget – progress on a transportation funding package has been elusive.

This past week, the Governor signed a balanced budget, but the subcommittees in both the Assembly and the Senate shifted the Governor’s proposed $3.6 billion transportation and funding reform package back down to the policy process and did not include the proposals in the budget. This means that we hope to see some movement in August to ensure that badly needed transportation system maintenance funding is addressed.

Of course, even as the Legislature and Governor work together to create a comprehensive funding package, it’s important to remember that whatever package might emerge, it will continue to be a short-term fix. The good news is however, that there will be several local transportation measures on the ballot in November that hopefully will pass. And there are long-term solutions in development to address not only fully funded maintenance, but also capacity. To read more about the Road Charge Pilot program, click here.

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