Road Charge Pilot Program: It Works!

Road Charge Pilot Program: It Works!
By Kelly Garman, Director of Government Affairs

UntitledIt’s official! As your friendly Road Charge Pilot Program participant blogger, I am finally connected and being tracked! It’s been a long road to this point, as you can read here, but Azuga took notice and went above and beyond to fix the problem for me. In fact, I was really impressed with the level of customer service, once it became apparent that the initial device I received wasn’t going to work. Good job, Azuga!

To be honest, the level of engagement with Azuga has peaked my curiosity – What is the history of this company? Did they work with Oregon (who recently launched their own Road Charge Program)? Are they based in California? Who developed the technology to monitor my miles?

But I digress…kelly

Azuga overnighted to me a new device and after reading the easy-to-understand instructions, I plugged it in. Within minutes, I got an email saying the device was active. Yeah!

The timing of this initial connection was perfect because I needed to fill up my gas tank. While the State of California tracks my mileage, I’ve decided to keep tabs on how much I really am paying at the pump. On July 17th, I filled up my tank with 22.6 gallons, paying $53.31.


Knowing I was being “tracked” by the State of California proved to be an interesting exercise for my mind. I found myself wanting to run extra errands so I could then look at my personal Azuga online dashboard and see what exactly was being monitored. Turns out, they monitor more than miles. When I got online, I saw start and stop times of my trips, when I braked and accelerated, a number indicating “how good of a driver” I am….fascinating!

This is going to be a cool experiment, and I remain thankful to have the opportunity to participate in something bigger than myself.

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