Vote Yes on Prop. 51 To Ensure A Skilled Workforce, Protect Economy

YProp51Proposition 51 is a statewide school facilities bond which will provide badly needed resources to K-12 and community college school districts to repair classrooms and provide safe schools for all students. Prop. 51 is essential to ensuring students have equitable access to quality learning environments, and creating a skilled and educated workforce. That’s why the American Council of Engineering Companies, California has endorsed Prop. 51 and are encouraging our members to do the same. It has been a decade since California last authorized a statewide school bond to upgrade or build new neighborhood schools. State funding is virtually depleted, and there is a growing $2 billion backlog of local school district that have applied for state matching funds in order to make needed health and safety repairs like removing hazardous materials from school campuses, replacing temporary classrooms, completing seismic retrofits, and building new schools to relieve overcrowding.

Proposition 51 also increases access to affordable college education and improves facilities for career technical education programs for students. As the cost of four-year universities rise, more students and families are relying on community colleges to avoid taking out huge student loans and falling into deeper debt. Many students – many of which are budding engineering students – look to community colleges to complete transfer courses in order to affordably attain a four-year degree. Passing Proposition 51 will improve community college facilities’ capacity and allow them to serve more students, providing access to both broader academic programming as well as needed job training and professional development programs that are affordable for middle-class families.

In total, Prop 51 funds would build approximately 12,000 new classrooms, and 44,000 additional classrooms would be repaired and revitalized. This does not include the new classrooms for Career Technical Education, which would be an additional 1,500 (approximately) classrooms. In total, Prop 51 would create 324,000 new classroom seats and revitalize classrooms for 1,188,000 students.

To ensure California prepares its future workforce in modern, safe school facilities we need to pass Prop 51. Visit to join the coalition and find out how you can help pass Prop. 51.

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