ACEC California Joins Broad Coalition to Oppose Measure That Will Impede California Infrastructure Projects

share-no-prop53ACEC California has partnered with more than 200 organizations including firefighters, paramedics, family farmers, small business owners, environmentalists, nurses, cities, counties, local water districts and law enforcement to oppose Proposition 53, a harmful measure that will threaten infrastructure projects in California.

“ACEC California members know that infrastructure systems– transportation, water, education – are critical to our future economic success. That is why we are opposing Prop 53, which jeopardizes our ability to repair or expand outdated infrastructure systems. Our communities already suffer from massive backlogs of local infrastructure needs, including outdated water supply and delivery systems, unsafe bridges, overpasses and freeways, and community hospitals that require earthquake retrofits. Prop 53 would exacerbate and extend this backlog to the detriment of all Californians,” said Brad Diede, Executive Director of ACEC California.

Prop 53 is a misguided measure that erodes local control and will impede large infrastructure projects by forcing statewide votes on some local and state projects that require revenue bonds. Should Prop 53 pass, the measure will directly disrupt the local and state ability to build or improve critically needed infrastructure investments by forcing a statewide vote on some larger infrastructure projects. This would tack on unnecessary delays and expense to critically needed public works projects, forcing state and local governments to potentially wait as long as two additional years to begin projects, such as fixing and repairing roadways and bridges, hospitals, or water supply and delivery systems. Further, Prop 53 contains no exemptions for emergencies such as natural disasters.

ACEC California is urging its members to vote No on Prop 53. Visit for more information and to sign up to oppose this harmful measure.

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