Central Valley Projects Honored with Engineering Excellence Awards

ACEC California has recognized two Fresno firms with Engineering Excellence Merit Awards for projects in Madera and Bakersfield.

MKN & Associates, Inc. in Fresno, was recognized for its work on the Valley Children’s Healthcare Rio Mesa Well and Pipeline Improvements Project in Madera. Valley Children’s Healthcare (VCH) is one of the largest pediatric healthcare facilities in the United States, providing comprehensive medical care to 1.3 million children every year in its 12-county service area. The Rio Mesa Well and Pipeline Improvements Project increases the hospital’s water supply capacity by converting a non-potable irrigation well to meet potable water standards and connecting the improved well to the hospital facility’s water distribution system. The project increases the hospital’s water supply by nearly 50% and ensures the sustainability of VCH’s on-going operations and expansion.

G5_Provost_Bakersfield_TCP_Mitigation_Photo3Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group in Fresno, was recognized for its work on the TCP Mitigation Project in Bakersfield. The City of Bakersfield operates 63 groundwater drinking water wells.   Of the 63, 38 were contaminated with non-compliant levels of 1,2,3-Trichloropropane (TCP).  A new state regulation recently lowered the acceptable contaminate levels.  In addition, the state regulation was requiring water purveyors to have their water sources treated within an aggressive 3-month timeline.  The City aggressively responded before the regulation was adopted.  An engineering study was completed that allowed the project scope to be reduced to within the City’s budget, and a progressive design-build approach was used that allowed the design team to prepare plans while the contractor was mobilizing for the work and the City was procuring equipment. The contractor was also able to mobilize multiple construction teams to streamline project completion.

Of critical importance, the design-build team had to determine how to add treatment to over half of their wells and not affect the level of water delivery commitments. The City is one of only a very few agencies in the entire state that had been impacted this significantly by the new drinking water regulation and have managed to avoid being out of compliance.

Congratulations MKN & Associates, Inc. and Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group!

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