Inland Empire Firm, Projects Honored with Engineering Excellence Awards

Moffatt & Nichol in Costa Mesa was recognized by ACEC California with a 2020 Engineering Excellence Merit Award for projects in the City of Industry and Ontario. Michael Baker International in Ontario was also recognized for a San Diego project.

Moffatt & Nichol served as the prime design consultant and project manager for the Puente Avenue Grade Separation project for all project phases, from alternatives analysis through construction. The project comprises a four-lane underpass on Puente Avenue and Workman Mill Road, with a railroad bridge to carry freight trains and a separate bridge to carry vehicle traffic. The Puente Avenue Grade Separation is one of 19 ACE Project grade separation and at-grade projects planned to alleviate roadway congestion from increased freight rail traffic through the San Gabriel Valley and to improve safety and quality of life for pedestrians and motorists alike.

Moffatt & Nichol was also the prime design consultant on the South Milliken DCIM100MEDIADJI_0044.JPGAvenue Grade Separation in the City of Ontario. This project involved the creation of an elevated roadway intersection to separate two major roadways, Mission Boulevard and South Milliken Avenue from United Pacific Railroad (UPRR). Specifically, the project elevated Mission Boulevard, a major east-west, four-lane city arterial adjacent to UPRR and South Milliken Avenue, also a major north-south, six-lane arterial that crosses UPRR with an existing at-grade crossing. With traffic volumes expected to increase in the area over 2.5 times by 2035, this infrastructure project was critical to support anticipated future development in the region.

Michael Baker International was recognized for its work on the I-15/Temecula Parkway Interchange in Temecula. Michael Baker served as the Project Engineer-of-Record for the City for the duration of the 20-year planning, design and construction process, from detailing value-added improvements in the Project Study Report to preparing final plans, designs, specifications and estimates and deploying complex construction staging and traffic handling plans. The project provided significant local and regional traffic improvement benefits to reduce severe congestion in the interchange, alleviate existing traffic backup onto the freeway and enhance safety and mobility for motorists.

Congratulations Moffatt & Nichol and Michael Baker International!

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