California’s Aging Water Distribution System

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.53.13 AMDid you know that ACEC California is part of a growing coalition in support of fixing California’s aging water distribution system?

Californians for Water Security is a robust coalition of residents, business leaders, labor, family farmers, local governments, water experts, environmentalists and others that have come together to mount a comprehensive, multi-year campaign in support of the plan to fix California’s aging water distribution system, through implementation of the California Water Fix.

To watch the coalition’s most recent video click here.

Accelerating the Road User Charge Pilot Program

In the summer of 2014, ACEC California published a white paper on the issue of transportation funding. In the winter of 2014, ACEC California published a magazine continuing the conversation.

Also in 2014, ACEC California was instrumental in pushing the Legislature to pass and the governor to sign Senate Bill 1077 (SB 1077) directing California to conduct a pilot program to study the feasibility of a road charge as a replacement for the gas tax to pay for road maintenance and repairs. Is California ready for such a charge?

We think so (and have been saying that for a while now).

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Out and About with ACEC California

ACEC California President Mary Erchul recently gave a presentation to the Association for Women in Science’s Sacramento Valley Chapter on the subject of Navigating a Career in Civil Engineering.  Erchul discussed her role as a Construction Manager/Resident Engineer for Ghirardelli Associates and as President of ACEC California.  Erchul discussed how she advanced to where she is today, including diving into her background, education, job progression and mentors.  The audience was very interested in the challenges Erchul has faced along the way, including equality, empowerment, unequal pay, lack of solid role models and work/life balance issues.

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SB 16 Paves Way For Transportation Funding

TransportationFunding-2_jpg_800x1000_q100Senator Jim Beall, chairman of the Transportation Committee has put forth a plan to restore the state’s crumbling roads and bridges.

Under Senate Bill 16, everyone who uses the roads will share in paying for the cost of essential repairs. The bill is projected to raise $3 billion or more annually over its five-year life, which allows time for the state to work out a long-term funding solution.

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Out and About with ACEC California: The Floor of the State Senate

Senator Anthony Cannella (front row, middle), Bruce Presser (back row, second from left)

Senator Anthony Cannella (front row, middle), Bruce Presser (back row, second from left), Senator Jean Fuller (front row, second from right)

Bruce Presser, Principal at The Covello Group and incoming president of ACEC California, represented the engineering community well by joining representatives of similar organizations on the Floor of the State Senate this week, in support of Senate Resolution 12.

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