Fix Our Roads Supports Accountable Transportation Funding

AlogoCEC California has joined a broad coalition of cities, counties, labor, business, and transportation advocates to meet the Governor’s call to address California’s chronic transportation infrastructure funding shortfall.

With seven transportation funding priorities…

  1. Make a significant investment in transportation infrastructure
  2. Focus on maintaining and rehabilitating the current system
  3. Invest a portion of diesel tax and/or cap-and-trade revenue to high-priority goods movement projects
  4. Raise revenues across a broad range of options
  5. Equal split between state and local projects
  6. Strong accountability requirements to protect the taxpayers’ investment
  7. Provide consistent annual funding levels

…ACEC California looks forward to working with the legislature over the coming weeks as a transportation package is finalized.

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Time for California to take the road less traveled?

Like the roads and bridges we drive on, our state’s transportation financing policy is in a state of collapse.
In Washington, D.C., legislators went down to the wire to temporarily rescue the Highway Trust Fund, the primary source for financing this country’s highway and mass transit improvements. The rescue is only a stop-gap measure; the Highway Trust Fund will run out of money again by next June.  The Highway Trust Fund supports fifty percent of California’s Highway Capital Program. 

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